BBQ Grill Smoker

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BBQ Grill Smoker

1. Made of all stainless steel,
2. It has several sets of independent unit purification module, which is convenient to disassemble and install.
3. It's easy for cleaning.
4. No filter, zero consumables, oil and water collection and recovery, to avoid pollution.
5. Quick removal of fume pollution and keep the air fresh

Made of all stainless steel, With automatic smoke purifying function,  Stainless Steel Trolley BBQ can purify smoke and dirty air produced by griddle. Easy to clean, design structure easy to maintain,  Isolated heating, safe and reliable, suitable for Restaurant,  catering hotels and other soot purification treatments and supporting the corresponding barbecue stove and other occasions.

Stainless Steel Trolley BBQ

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Stainless Steel Trolley BBQ

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